Monday, December 8, 2008


Otto Neurath's Isotype was a visual classification of symbols that used simple, bold illustrations that included no type, yet they could be instantly understood. These symbols were designed so that they could be universal and everyone could understand their meaning.

The International System of Typographic Picture Education. Isotype is now seen everywhere and has made a huge impact on graphic design. From logo design, to posters, etc. Isotype has been extremely influential in the field.


April G. said...

Can you image how confusing and cluttered the world would be without isotypes? (So much more than it already is.) You couldn't just drive down the street, notice a sign with an arrow on it and understand the meaning, you'd have to slow down to read. And everyone would have to be literate, which wouldn't be a bad thing, but, maybe wouldn't be possible.

Jtasche said...

The world without isotypes would be a nightmare! Everyone would have to know every language in the world, which would virtually be impossible as there are dozens. And to learn a language would mean that you have to be literate, which everyone is not.

Now people traveling internationally know just to look for these isotypes to know where to go and which bathroom is which and so on.